About Mystique Oil Based Fragrances


Save money while smelling great

Our colognes are cost-effective and give you enough cologne or perfume to last a while without breaking the bank! Check out our shop to order some today!


Scents For men and women

Men AND Women love our scents. With Essential Oil Based offerings we can make these colognes something that is safe that you will want to wear!  “ORIGINAL GAME MENS SCENT” fragrances and our “J’ARMAGIO” for the perfect mood and long-lasting attraction are great options for a date!


Lasts all night long!

Our 98.5% oil based cologne for men and women is perfect when you need your cologne to last all night long! Our competitors dilute their perfumes and colognes with water! Get your NON-DILUTED OIL BASED COLOGNE right from Mystique so you can smell good, doing what you love!