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Mystique Fragrances Fragrance shop a division of Fragrances by J.Maurice works hard to provide  exhartling Fragrances at an affordable price one of a kind fragrances for you to enjoy. We do not create impostors or knock-off fragrances. 

Each fragrance we present is an original creation, crafted to be delightfully sensual, bold and demanding, playful, flirty, a little but sinful, and very LONG LASTING!!!!

We have the most sensual, bold, demanding and long lasting fragrances around. Made from the finest ingredients and hand crafted to be one of a kind so you'll never worry about imposters.

We use the same top quality ingredients as the top designer labels to provide you with a top quality, long lasting, superior fragrance.

We do not use celebrity endorsers, so you don't pay for that "show." The truth is, most celebs or designers have very little, or nothing, to do with the creation of their fragrances, they just approve the final product...and then you pay up to a 90% mark-up for that celebrity name..

Our Fragrances are 98% oil based which means its  longer lasting.

I know not only will you love the smell of our fragrances  but you will also love our low prices..

Thank You for shopping Mystique Fragrances a division of Fragrances by J.Maurice.

WHY US? Get the same or better smell as Angel, Prada, Dior and Coach for a much better price. Our oil based mens and women cologne are long lasting! 

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